NAFAE is the Subject Association for Fine Art education in the UK. We advocate the interests, promotion and cultural relevance of Fine Art education at Foundation, BA, MA and PhD levels. The Association aims to be instrumental in anticipating and shaping decisions that impact on the enhancement and future development of Fine Art by engaging with a range of constituencies.


    Artist as Superconnector Superconductor

    Pedagogical Provocations
    Friday, 24 March 2017 (All day)

    Deadline for submissions:
    Sunday, 1 January 2017
    National Association for Fine Art Education

    NAFAE invites proposals for papers/artworks/creative responses for their up-coming annual symposium and accompanying exhibition. 

    ‘Artist as Superconnector/Superconductor’ aims to explore and reflect on the implications of connected modes of practice for Fine Art pedagogy and curriculum design. Artists frequently operate within a web of networks or ‘meshworks’, navigating complex situations and events, in creative (ex)-change. How are these ways of operating impacting on curriculum and pedagogy of Fine Art at FE and HE level? What are the key points of critical reflection? Where are the innovative models/case studies and examples of best practice?

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Last Event


    Research Practice Practice Research

    Fine Art Research Network Symposium
    Friday, 15 July 2016 (All day)

    Keynote speaker:
    Professor Dr Anne Douglas, Grays School of Art

    Closing Remarks

    We’ve had a wonderful day. It has been such a positive symposium. This is a magnificent attendance and we would like to thank all delegates for their enthusiasm and contribution to the days debates. We have had a huge range of papers and the engagement in each session suggests that this is activity that we need to repeat and sustain year on year. I now know quite a bit of what I didn’t know I don’t know, and I definitely want to find out more.

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